3: The Road Less Traveled Pt. 1

In this next episode, Megan and Leilah talk about how being creative means recreating with the Universe. When we participate in creative processes we allow ourselves to bask in the fullness of who we truly are. Because like Elizabeth Gilbert says, a creative life is an amplified life. We all know that creating is hard, its real, authentic and vulnerable for us. But it’s more rewarding than anything else we could do because creating is how we find ourselves in the universe. The process of creating is simply connecting with ourselves and a deeper divine energy. This gateway to self-connection is essentially the path to giving ourselves what we truly need to live life fully. It’s scary to be creative because there is less structure, and more flexibility. Yet choosing the path of curiosity instead of fear allows for a life worth living. Face what you need to, work through it and recycle it into something beautiful.

Watch: Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86x-u-tz0MA

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