4: The Road Less Traveled Pt. 2

In this next podcast episode, Megan and Leilah talk about how the road less traveled can sometimes be a lonely one, but one that essentially yields to a more wholesome life. First, it all begins with the self. In truly healing and aligning with who we really are, we contribute to the healing of the world. We let go of things that have attempted to harden us and allow for our true being to arise. By understanding who we are and knowing our worth — we then can consciously filter out those not meant for us. This allows us to align with those who are on the same path as us and who can support us in the ways that we need. A consistent and authentic support system can then lead us to finding our passions, to a more fulfilling purpose and an aligned career path.

Howard Thurman, says “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”. Therefore, instead of falling into the trap of pursuing useless material things, endless voids or unhealthy toxic patterns, ask yourself is that who you really ARE and is that what you really NEED? The world is in desperate need of those who are connected to their higher purpose and who are aligned to their truest passions. Because the people who are fulfilled are the ones who are truly living, who feel true happiness, who feel unconditional love and contentedness. Listen in to hear about the tools that can lead us there.

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