5: Spiritual Activism IS For Everyone

From The Network of Spiritual Progressives: A spiritual activist is one who is a courageous warrior of love! Being a spiritual activist means working to create a loving, just, sacred, and sustainable world through means that are also loving, just, sacred, and sustainable. A spiritual activist practices empathy in word and deed as a way to build beloved communities and transform consciousness.

At times, society can attempt to harden and frighten us, to make us lower our voice and discourage us from speaking up. We must choose to consciously rise above these negative forces in order to stand up together as a collective. Spiritual Activism is leading with our purest heart’s intention. We can do this in many aspects of our lives whether it is politically with our votes, in the workplace in who we choose to support and stand by, or whether it is everything that we consume. We have a say in everything that we purchase and where we put our dollars. Be mindful of what you are consuming and practice consciousness in each facet of our lives. Spiritual Activism is truly for each and everyone because it is our given right.

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