7: The Art of Surrendering: Letting Go Control

What does it mean to Surrender? In this episode, Megan & Leilah introduce the topic via COVID-19 Mindful Consumption tips. They expand on what they have been doing to take care of themselves in order to take care of others. Then they explain that these adjustments and shifts have been in favor of surrendering to what is. 

Surrendering is difficult because we often find ourselves wanting to put our input, our two cents in making things happen or taking control of the situation. We try to control things because of what we think will happen if we don’t intervene. Control is rooted in fear and the attachment of a specific outcome. In order to fully surrender to life we must begin to allow ourselves to let go of this tight grip. In giving up control, we are able to take a step back and allow things to happen with the trust of The Universe. Can we begin to stop fighting ourselves and The Universe? Can we stop resisting the natural flow of things and stop resisting and pushing against reality? 

The Universe is on our side, wholeheartedly.  It’s has our back, and it’s rooting for us. Let’s lean in, have gratitude and faith for this higher presence and cosmic unfolding in order to let go towards our freedom.

Quote we referenced: https://www.instagram.com/p/B90Gm6Ghyri/

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