9: Why Should We Meditate: The Power of Mindfulness

Meditation is a form of presence, allowing us to be with our true self, allowing us to be with what is. It is the practice of focus, loss of focus and the regain of focus. The ability to be with our thoughts that arise with no judgment, letting go of control and allowing these thoughts to pass through us. When we notice the mind wandering, we practice the return to the breath which cultivates attention and mindfulness. Learning how to return and remain in the present moment, anchoring ourselves in the here to respond with purpose and intent. 

Mindfulness practice takes patience and yields higher awareness. Practicing mindfulness allows us to recognize when the mind goes on “auto-pilot”, which is when the mind takes off exploring past/future scenarios instead of the present moment. When we have this ability to recognize this, we can decide to take a pause and choose what we want to focus on instead.

By cultivating this awareness in our lives we can choose how we want to show up, relate to, respond to and view the circumstances and world around us. This practice offers a pocket of stillness and space to pay attention to the mind, body and spirit together. In repeating this practice every day, the changes in our lives can be subtle but profound. Altering the way we see ourselves and others. 

Mindfulness & Meditation is for everyone, all ages and all walks of life who want to dive deeper to understand themselves better.

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