10: Discovering Our Inner Light

This is our season finale, we’ll be back to bring you new ideas, concepts, and tools within a few weeks for season 2. Thank you for all the love and support throughout this journey it means everything to us!

Gabor Maté says, if we travel to find our inner light, to our truest nature within, we’ll be a lot kinder to ourselves and a lot kinder to nature.

The journey to recognizing our inner light is for every single one of us. It is not only a responsibility but a gift to look deeper within ourselves. Society introduces many distractions that can pull away from our divine purpose. But when we look past consumerism, past these distractions, we can find the nature of our own being. And when we find this light, this nature within ourselves we can feel miraculously connected to every single living thing around us.

Ted Talk with Gabor Maté: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66cYcSak6nE

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