Meet your instructors! Megan and Leilah met through their 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Since then, they have been inseparable, from jumping hand in hand into Barton Springs to traveling the Himalayas of India. Their journey together has consisted of continuous support, unconditional love and endless laughs. Read more about their intentions and stories below.

Megan Leblanc Pho

For a very long time, Megan has felt it in her heart that she wanted to help people and the world around her. However, she soon began to understand the healing she had to go through and the challenges ahead of her in order to be of service in this way. This realization and awakening came about through immense pain and a cycle of suffering. When she understood that the pain of staying where she was bigger than the pain of growth and change, she began to take the journey of looking inward.

 Traveling through the darkest depths of her being allowed for her to find endless light and unconditional love. Because what Megan soon grasped was that the answer she had been looking for, was herself. In unraveling toxic patterns and unveiling conditions that had been laid upon her from such a young age, she returned and remembered her true being and essence.

This healing journey has inspired Megan to share the knowledge she has accumulated and to voice experiences that have shaped her to let people know they are not alone. Aside from yoga, mindfulness and mediative practices, she has started to write her own book on healing, alignment and the blooming process within. All that she offers to the world is a reminder to that we are all on this journey to find our inner balance together.

Jenn “Leilah” Gonzalez

At a young age Leilah knew she was meant to do community work and be of service. To fulfill her passions, she initially chose a career in government and the public sector. After progressively moving up and working for the New York City local government, New York State government and the federal government in DC, she decided she wanted to contribute her empathetic skills in other fields.

She turned to the private sector, specifically tech, to make those changes. As a tech consultant in HR and recruiting, Leilah has assisted in bridging the gap between communities of color and the technology industry through job placement, career development, and networking opportunities.

Leilah’s love of service has now broadened to a mind, body, spirit level. As a native (and formerly high-strung) New Yorker, she learned first hand the stressors of imbalance and its negative effects on the body. Leilah now dedicates her life to sharing practices that bring us into harmony with our highest potential. She feels that in order for us to be our best selves in private, public and all sectors, we must take care of our inner worlds and find greater balance.