10: Discovering Our Inner Light

This is our season finale, we’ll be back to bring you new ideas, concepts, and tools within a few weeks for season 2. Thank you for all the love and support throughout this journey it means everything to us! Gabor Maté says, if we travel to find our inner light, to our truest nature within, ….  Read More

9: Why Should We Meditate: The Power of Mindfulness

Meditation is a form of presence, allowing us to be with our true self, allowing us to be with what is. It is the practice of focus, loss of focus and the regain of focus. The ability to be with our thoughts that arise with no judgment, letting go of control and allowing these thoughts ….  Read More

8: How to Create Boundaries AND Compassion

Boundaries are simply the recognition of personal space and personal needs. Understanding that we have a choice to be active or passive in our responses. To create and to have boundaries are a necessary part of our self-love and self-care. It’s also healthy and beneficial to have these boundaries when interacting with others and having relationships. ….  Read More

7: The Art of Surrendering: Letting Go Control

What does it mean to Surrender? In this episode, Megan & Leilah introduce the topic via COVID-19 Mindful Consumption tips. They expand on what they have been doing to take care of themselves in order to take care of others. Then they explain that these adjustments and shifts have been in favor of surrendering to ….  Read More

6: When Sh!t Hits the Fan: From Reaction to Response

Often times we find ourselves in a situation or in front of someone reacting in disproportion to what is. This happens when we allow ourselves to react out of our emotional programming rather than responding through mindfulness and our spiritual practice. Each and every opportunity that we are presented with is actually space for us ….  Read More

5: Spiritual Activism IS For Everyone

From The Network of Spiritual Progressives: A spiritual activist is one who is a courageous warrior of love! Being a spiritual activist means working to create a loving, just, sacred, and sustainable world through means that are also loving, just, sacred, and sustainable. A spiritual activist practices empathy in word and deed as a way ….  Read More

4: The Road Less Traveled Pt. 2

In this next podcast episode, Megan and Leilah talk about how the road less traveled can sometimes be a lonely one, but one that essentially yields to a more wholesome life. First, it all begins with the self. In truly healing and aligning with who we really are, we contribute to the healing of the ….  Read More

3: The Road Less Traveled Pt. 1

In this next episode, Megan and Leilah talk about how being creative means recreating with the Universe. When we participate in creative processes we allow ourselves to bask in the fullness of who we truly are. Because like Elizabeth Gilbert says, a creative life is an amplified life. We all know that creating is hard, ….  Read More

2: Check Your Ego, Amigo

Osho says, “The ego lives in the tension between what you are and what you want to be.” In this second episode, Megan & Leilah dive deeper into topics surrounding what ego really means and how it affects our daily lives. The ego works to protect our dignity and to keep us comfortable not to make ….  Read More

1: About Us & Our Intention

In this intro episode Megan & Leilah introduce themselves and give insight on their journey that led them up to creating this intentional podcast. We give some tools that have helped us navigate everyday life situations and also let you know what you can expect from future episodes.