Breathing is truly essential in our lives, and it is often just looked at as being crucial for good health reasons. However, deep and conscious breathing enhances the self and leads to fundamental power and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Nature & Networking

A new take on building networks in Austin. Come connect with community, nature and your Higher Self. Nature & Networking events aim to get people outside, connected with nature, moving and breathing through yoga and making meaningful connections while hiking. It’s an alternative to happy hours and regular networking events where the same old conversations are had. This community is about bringing more balance into our lives.
More of the outdoors, more of a healthy lifestyle, more learning from one another, more real conversations and doing something for the greater good.

The Yoga of Painting

With AJ Love

Combining two creative aspects: Yoga and Art to cultivate creativity and presence in our lives. We as individuals are artists and creators of this world. Co-creating with The Universe is in our divine nature if we seek to unleash this potential. The Yoga of Painting aims to allow each person to travel to the depths of their inner creator through meaningful movements.


Have an idea in mind? Want to partner our concepts together? Let’s create! We can host events, workshops and outdoor adventures for individuals, small groups and company team building.